Federation of European Biochemical
Societies CONGRESS 2013
“Mechanisms in Biology”
July 6th - 11th 2013,
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
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Visa information

General Information

Congress attendees from European Union and most other European countries, USA, Canada, Japan etc. will need a Russian visa in order to travel to Russia. For the list of countries whose citizens are eligible for visa-free entry, please click here.

All participants and duly registered accompanying persons of the 38th FEBS Congress are entitled to apply for an OFFICIAL ENTRY VISA (neither a tourist nor a business visa) free of charge.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made special arrangements
for visa application to participate in the 38th FEBS Congress.
Visas will be issued based on the

Every effort was made to make the procedure most favorable to Congress participants and guests.
If however you’ll experience ANY visa-related problems,
please do not hesitate to contact us at
RussianVisa@febs-2013.org .

As the 38th FEBS Congress attendee eligible for OFFICIAL entry visa FREE OF CHARGE, 
you should apply for visa at the Russian Embassy/Consulate only 
but not at Visa Application centers (that are not-governmental commercial organizations). 

For the list of governmental entities you should apply at, 
please go by link http://www.mid.ru/zu_r.nsf/strawebeng . 
Any other visa services will charge you and this money will not be refundable.


Visas will be issued from March 15th through June 17th, 2013 for the period from July 1st through July 15th, 2013.

How to apply for a Russian visa

Step 1. To apply for a Russian visa, you should first register for the 38th FEBS Congress and pay the registration fee and hotel deposit.

Step 2. Please send by e-mail at RussianVisa@febs-2013.org
(1) a clear scanned copy (300-600 dpi) of your passport two pages with your photo and
(2) the following information:


Full name as appears in the passport






Date and place of birth






Passport No



Date of issue



Date of expiry









Institutional address, phone and fax numbers



Arrival date



Departure date



Country and City where you will apply for the Russian Visa





Within 15 days after receiving this information, Congress Secretariat will send you by e-mail a telex confirmation number which is required at the Russian Consulate/Embassy where you will apply for the Russian visa.

Step 3. With all the documents required (including telex confirmation number) please visit the Russian Consulate/Embassy to apply for a Russian visa. You can apply for visa by yourself or via a representative. (For the list of Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Russia click here).

Documents required at the Russian Consulate/Embassy to apply for Visa

Documents to be submitted to the Russian Consulate in your home country/country of residence include:

·   Visitor’s passport with at least two blank visa-designated pages. Your passport should be valid for at least six months after planned departure from Russia.

·   Two passport size photos of the applicant, not more than a year old.

·   Two copies of a Russian visa application form, completed and signed. Click here to download the application form.

·    Telex confirmation number (obtained by e-mail from the Congress Secretariat within 15 days after you have completed the questionnaire and sent us a scanned copy of your passport).

NB! To avoid any misunderstanding, kindly ask you to consult your local Russian Consulate/Embassy for the list of documents required.

FEBS is not liable for any accidents or mishaps in any events that it sponsors. All participants must make sure they have their own adequate insurance cover (travel and medical). Acceptance of FEBS sponsorship is conditional on the recipients acknowledging that they have responsibility for their own safety and making their own arrangements for adequate insurance cover.

Useful Links

Diplomatic and Consular Missions of Russia 

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